Blueshift Characteristics

Blueshift was designed by Marco Solito from Italy. The system was published on MQL5 on January 10, 2021. It’s such a young trading solution. The last update was received on February 19, 2021, to the 2.20 version.

Blueshift: Characteristics

Blueshift price

There’s still a mention that the first ten copies of the EA are sold with a discount.

Let’s talk about the robot features:

  • Blueshift is a fully-automated trading solution.
  • It runs “Wpr and Ma Indicators” to follow trends and spot counter-trends.
  • The system runs intraday trading orders.
  • The expert advisor trades with high accuracy in both pairs.
  • Blueshift was backtested on the M15 time frame.
  • The system can set Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.
  • We’re free to use it on any broker we want.
  • We have to run the robot on an ECN account.
  • The leverage may start from 1:10. The leverage requirements are awkward.
  • The account balance should have $100.
  • The settings list is small. We can customize the next parameters: magic number , slippage, and spread filters, a money-management system to calculate Lot sizes for deals, exit strategies, trading days and trading hours preferences, disabling BUY or SELL directions for opening trades.
  • When the market is going to flip, the robot places a counter-trend deal.
  • The developer noticed that there are no risky strategies on the board.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • Trading the trend strategy, the robot follows the market.
  • The robot trades Gold and Silver.
  • It works on the M15 time frame.

Blueshift Trading Performance

Blueshift Backtests

We have XAU/USD (Gold vs. US Dollar) backtest published. The strategy was backtested in the M15 time frame. The data was chosen from 2003 to 2021. The modeling quality was 99.90%. The spreads were set as varied. There were 427225 bars in the test. An initial deposit was $100.00. It has become $29,771,800 of the total net profit. The Profit Factor was 7.97. The maximum drawdown was 1.84% ($471,001). Blueshift has closed 2802 deals with an average 97% win-rate.

Blueshift Myfxbook

The robot runs a real USD account on a rarely-used broker – EXNESS. The robot trades automatically. The leverage is set at 1:2000. The system works on MT4. The account has a Verified Track Record badge. It was created on February 02, 2021, and funded at $468.08. Since then, the absolute gain has become +7.58%. An average monthly gain is 6.64%. The maximum drawdown is 19.03%. The account is tracked by two traders.

Blueshift advanced statistics

Blueshift traded 32 deals with -3699 pips. An average win is 187.66 pips when an average loss is -3047.00 pips. The win-rate is 82% for Longs and 100% for Shorts. An average trade length is sixteen hours without five minutes. The Profit Factor is 1.18. It’s a low number for a paid robot.

Blueshift trading results

The robot trades Gold twice more frequently than Silver. The Gold has brought a significant loss of -3958 pips (-$94.35).

Blueshift trading results

The EA trades equally during the trading sessions.

Blueshift trading results

Monday (7), Tuesday (7), and Wednesday (7) are the most traded days.

Blueshift trading results

The EA works with high risk to the account balance. There’s a 78.87% chance of losing 10% of the balance.

Blueshift trading results

The robot has closed two deals with -3012 pips within a week. It’s a significant loss of the account balance.

Blueshift trading results

We can see an open order that is in a drawdown.

Blueshift monthly gain

March 2021 is not profitable. We don’t know if the system can recover these losses.

How much does it cost?

Blueshift price

The robot still costs $399 for a product copy. It’s high pricing as for a robot that can lose 10% of the account closing a deal with a loss. It’s so risky. The one-month rent costs $369 with only $30 OFF from a lifetime license. It’s an unfriendly rent option. There’s a free demo version to check everything on the terminal on our own. The vendor doesn’t support a package with a money-back guarantee.

Reviews from customers

Blueshift Reviews from customers

After these losses, the presentation is featured by many negative comments. As we can see, the vendor doesn’t care about them. So, no answers are provided.

Should You Use Blueshift?

Backtest report revealedThe robot is so young to tell something for sure
Real-account trading results providedNo strategy details provided
High-risk trading
Unhealthy Stop Loss levels for Gold orders
No money-back-guarantee provided
There are many negative testimonials


Blueshift is a robot that has a mediocre presentation, one-month trading results, high pricing, and a bunch of negative feedback. The myfxbook data showed that the robot trades with insane risks. So, if the risks are decreased, the system can’t manage to get even 3% of the monthly profits.