Crypto exchange and wallet provider is creating a marketplace platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), according to a report by Coindesk on Friday.

  • The Luxembourg-based company has created a waiting list for the new platform that will allow users to purchase, sell, and store NFTs.
  • The current process for purchasing an NFT is “complex and unintuitive.” The company is set to make it straightforward and user-friendly by integrating NFT functionality directly into its wallet.
  • In Thursday’s announcement, stated that they wanted to access the NFT market as easily as accessing the crypto market.
  • The interest in NFTs has expanded this year, with trading volume soaring 700% to $10.7 billion in Q3, attracting the attention of sports teams and artists, among others.

That popularity could grow if exchanges of the magnitude of could expand the potential number of purchases and make the process more intuitive.