Blazing Night Scalper is a acalping based trading solution that was published on the MQL5 community. The system focuses on several pips profits. We decided to check the system out. 

Blazing Night Scalper: characteristics

We have a few details explained about the system and what we have to expect from its running on our account. 

  • We can rely on automatic trading on our terminal. 
  • We have a price of $249 now. 
  • The price will increase until it reaches $499. 
  • There are updates in the Telegram channel. 
  • The advisor was tested on 12-year tick data.
  • The modeling quality was 100%. 
  • We can work on the following brokers IC Markets, Vantage, Pepperstone, and Oanda. 
  • There’s a pack of settings “USE MULTI SYMBOL” setting to True and VERY IMPORTANT to change the SL Ded Rate Pips from 0 to 1.”
  • The number of pairs can rise up to 20. 
  • We have to work on a low spread account with a stable connection. 
  • “It looks for the lowest spread of the night hours and finds an entry point based on recent highs and recent lows. It does not use indicators, instead it uses its own logic to calculate the entry for a trade.”
  • There are TP and SL levels placed. 
  • We have no Martingale on the board. 
  • There’s “fanatical” support provided. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • We have a scalping strategy behind it. 
  • We can work with the following pairs: AUDCAD, CHFJPY, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURUSD, GBPAUD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, and USDJPY.
  • M5 is the only time frame to work. 

Blazing Night Scalper trading performance

Blazing Night Scalper backtest report.

The backtest report has united ten cross pairs at once. The devs set the real spreads. We have a 12-year data period. An initial deposit was $1000. It has become $53,874,537 of the total net profit. The maximum drawdowns were 10.78%. The profit factor was 1.51 when the recovery factor was 26.51. It’s not the best number we have seen. It closed 29,184 orders with the accuracy of 88% for short and 90% for long trading positions.

Blazing Night Scalper trading results.

The advisor has been trading orders on a real Coinexx-hosted account automatically with 1:500 leverage. The maximum drawdown is 8.6%. The maximum deposit load is 35%. It’s a big number. An initial deposit was $119.84. The absolute growth is 54.00%. 

Blazing Night Scalper details.

An average trade frequency is 9 deals weekly. An average holding time is two hours only. 

Blazing Night Scalper closed orders.

The system has quite deep stop losses. 

Blazing Night Scalper statistics.

There were 213 deals traded.  The best trade is $1.74 when the worst trade is -$6.02. The recovery factor is 7.50. The profit factor is 2.18. We have a monthly forecast at 30.26%. 

Blazing Night Scalper pairs.

USDJPY with 33 orders and EURUSD with 32 orders are the most traded cross pairs. 

How much does it cost?

Blazing Night Scalper pricing details.

We can purchase a real license copy for $249. The subscription is available for $90 every month. There’s a demo download available for everyone. 

Reviews from customers

Customer testimonials.

We have only positive testimonials on MQL5 but they are from faceless accounts. So, we cannot rely on them.

The developer’s profile on MQL5.

Scott Fredeman is a developer from the US with a 12,638 rate. He has four years of experience and six products in his portfolio. His products have a 5 star rating based on 76 reviews. 

Should you use Blazing Night Scalper?

Backtest reports provided No risk advice given 
Trading results shown No money management advice provided 
The system is too young to be a good robot
It costs much
We have many faceless testimonials written


Blazing Night Scalper is a night scalping system that works on a real, low-deposited account. It means if something goes wrong the dev loses almost nothing. It’s hard to trust the system with many faceless testimonials written.