BlackBerry stock was up 35% or $2.11 in early morning trading on the news that the company will partner with Amazon Web Services to jointly develop and market its vehicle data integration and monitoring system, IVY, according to the BlackBerry press release. The new iteration allows automakers to read vehicle sensor data from multiple vendors to provide insights around the data for use either remotely or in vehicles.

  • The IVY software system can run inside a vehicle’s embedded systems, configured from the cloud to provide drivers with features including road conditions, driver performance, or battery use for electric vehicles.
  • The BlackBerry toolkit also allows automakers to collaborate with developers to create new services around vehicle performance optimization and perform remote software updates, reducing vehicle maintenance costs.
  • BlackBerry has transformed into a provider of business security and information integration services, which attracted Amazon’s web services business.
  • About 175 million vehicles are already using Blackberry and AWS-enabled QNX service, launched five years ago.
  • Blackberry first announced the collaboration in January 2020 when it said it would team up with AWS on connected vehicle safety and security services for in-vehicle applications.

BlackBerry stock is currently gaining. BB: TSE is up 18.69%.