The Bitcoin Core 22.0 was officially released on Tuesday, supporting the upcoming Taproot protocol upgrade, the Linux Foundation reported.

  • The latest release is supported and tested on operating systems using the Linux kernel, macOS 10.14 and higher, and Windows 7 and new. It is also compatible with most other Unix-like systems, but is not recommended on unsupported systems.
  • Bitcoin 22.0 is the first major release that supports the upcoming Taproot protocol upgrade which will be activated in November. This will also users to accept payments to Taproot outputs, with the more complex contracts to be supported in future releases.
  • The upgrade offers full graphical user interface (GUI) support for hardware wallets. Users can also use the Bitcoin Core wallet with devices from BitBox, Coldcard, Keepkey, Ledger, and Trezor using the Hardware Wallet Interface.

Bitcoin Core 22.0 also supports connections to the Bitcoin network through I2P. BTC is up 1.55%.