Bitcoin, the world’s biggest crypto, surges to a new all-time high as a long-awaited increase boosts BTCUSD in price discovery.

  • Data obtained from TradingView and Cointelegraph Markets Pro indicated Bitcoin surpassing the $64,900 ceiling in place since April.
  • On the second day of trading for the largely anticipated ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, BTCUSD rose again ahead of the U.S. open.
  • On social media, Bitcoin’s popular names were celebrated. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor stated the halls of eternity echo with the cries of those who sold their Bitcoin.
  • In the current week, Bitcoin has posted all-time highs against several major fiat currencies, including the euro.
  • Expectations remain even higher for BTC to hit new levels in the upcoming weeks and months. The highest estimates for the short-term now stand at nearly $300,000 per Bitcoin.

Several data supports the concept that Bitcoin’s time to shine will beat altcoins that continued to struggle against BTC over the trading day. BTC USD up +3.52%.