BigPoppa is an expert advisor that executes orders automatically for traders. The presentation as well as the company look suspicious. Let’s check the robot, its key features, trading results, drawdowns, and trading approach to see how it generates profits on the FX market.

BigPoppa: characteristics

The presentation is short and lacks much intel. It looks like the devs don’t care about our experience. 

  • We can rely on automatic executing deals on our terminal.
  • The devs sold 300 licenses of the system. 
  • The advisor was published this year. 
  • The strategy works based on “Fibonacci retracements, Price Action with Money management.”
  • The best period of trade when the market experiences high volatility. 
  • The balance requirements are $500
  • The monthly profit can be 30-50%. 
  • There are ten sets of numbers. 
  • It can be used well with the Shizuka robot.
  • We are allowed to join a Telegram channel. 
  • “BigPoppa, combines the best of Benderv2 and Shizuka, fibo retracements, money management features, capital preservation and price action. We have put all together into this excellent EA and it’s proving to be more and more profitable.”
  • The devs decided to implement the following features: Trailing Stop, Hedging Limit number of trades and Equity Stop. 
  • “Price Action: We do not fully rely on the crossover, we also validate that this crossover has more than 75% of winning chances.”
  • We can check the backtest report if we want. 
  • “Each of the set files from our products were obtained using genetic algorithm techniques, which optimized the parameters to maximize profit factors while keeping a low drawdown.”

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • The main strategy is up to price action. 
  • The cross pairs aren’t mentioned. 
  • We have two time frames M15 and H1. 

BigPoppa trading performance

There are no backtest reports published. So, we have concerns that the system was tested properly. We know nothing about its win rates, drawdowns, risks, and so on. It looks suspicious. 

BigPoppa trading results.

The advisor ran a demo account on FXTM. It trades with 1:500  leverage on MT4. The account was created on July 26, 2021, and deposited at $1,000. Since then, the absolute gain amounted to -99.88%. The monthly profit was -92.13%. The maximum drawdown of 99.92% ruined this trading account. 

BigPoppa details.

The system has executed -1498.9 pips. Its average win result was 18.55 pips when an average loss wass -53.65 pips. It’s a big spread. The average trade length was two days. The profit factor was low – 0.43. It means that the system couldn’t trade in a profit. 

BigPoppa closed orders.

We may note how many orders the system lost in a row. 

BigPoppa monthly profits.

The last two months were fatal for this trading account. 

How much does it cost?

Everything we know about pricing is just a single line “Price: $149 USD.” It’s ridiculously bad. We have no idea what these packages include. Probably, we have a single real account license and we don’t have a refund policy applied. 

Reviews from customers

The presentation doesn’t include testimonials written about the system. We don’t know how the advisor executes orders and with what success on the other trading accounts. 

Should you use BigPoppa?

Affordable pricingNo team revealed 
No risk advice given
No backtest reports provided 
Horrible trading results 
No testimonials about the system written 


BigPoppa is a trading advisor that should make profits on a real account. Alas, the devs showed that the system blew a demo account. So, we can’t rely on the system all day. The advisor is dangerous for a balance and must be avoided.