At least two pieces of legislation are in progress to hold Big Tech firms more liable for misinformation and extremism on social media, according to a Seeking Alpha report.

  • The “Protecting Americans from Dangerous Algorithms Act” is being reintroduced this week. It seeks to hold platforms liable if their algorithms amplify misinformation that leads to offline violence.
  • Another bill called the “Online Consumer Protection Act” is also seen to hold tech companies more accountable.
  • Representatives of Alphabet, Facebook, and Twitter were in attendance in a nearly six-hour virtual hearing with the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
  • “[I]t is time for Congress and this Committee to legislate and realign these companies’ incentives to effectively deal with disinformation and extremism,” said Committee Chair Frank Pallone Jr.
  • Pallone said the business model of big tech firms has become the problem, as the platforms nourished the Capitol Hill attack. Other representatives said such platforms are “hotbeds of disinformation” despite new policies.
  • Regulation faces a long road ahead, given Big Tech’s financial backing, global reach, and lobbying efforts within Washington.