Big Expert Characteristics

Big Expert is a system that was released just a bit over a month ago, on March 6, 2021. The system was designed by Renate Gerlinde. The robot was downloaded 1719 times. It’s a good number for a one-month-old EA. The current version of the expert advisor is 1.9, released on April 03, 2021. 

Big Expert: Characteristics

Big Expert price

The presentation starts with a 65% discount. It’s awkward because a few robots can cost $1000. We’re sure that the system is able to cost that much but there should be over a year of trading results on the real account and many positive testimonials. 

We have grouped up everything that sounds like useful information:

  • Big Expert is a system that runs the charts automatically. We have to chill checking the account balance. 
  • It trades EUR/USD only. 
  • There are no Grid or Martingale risky strategies behind the system. 
  • It covers all orders with Stop Loss and Take Profit levels to prevent sharp market moves. 
  • There was a backtest on the past 11-year data performed. 
  • The system trades on the M15, M30, H1, and H4 time frames. 
  • The minimum deposit requirements are $200.
  • We’re free to use the system with any broker we want. 
  • We can trade with risks up to 5% if needed. The default risk is 1% to the balance.
  • We can disable Take Profit and Stop Loss placing if we want. 
  • The robot marks its deals among others using a unique magic number.
  • We can use various filters to avoid High Impact News, High Spreads, and High Slippage periods. 
  • The system uses “hundreds of strategies.” It sounds like a marketing scam. 
  • There are complex mathematical calculations to examine the Forex market. 
  • The tests were performed on the rock data received from 20 brokers. 
  • The system is FIFO-compatible. 
  • The leverage may be from 1:40. 
  • The robot also doesn’t use Hedge and High-Risk trading. 
Big Expert. The developer provided a list of settings.
  • The developer provided a list of settings. 

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • There are many no-name strategies. 
  • It works with EUR/USD only.
  • There are four time frames from M15 to H4. 

Big Expert Trading Performance

Big Expert Trading Performance

There are four backtests for each mentioned time frame. This one is for H1. The historical quality was 96%. The deposit was unpublished. The total net profit has become $19,573,134. The maximal drawdown was 6.92%. The profit factor was 1.72 only. The Recovery Factor was 57.37. The system has closed 4398 deals with a 65% win rate for Shorts and 64% for Longs. An average win streak was three deals. 

The developer didn’t provide us with trading results. It means the developer has no idea how his system works live and what real trading results people can expect. Publishing a demo or real account link will help us to understand details of the robot work:

  • Broker. 
  • Leverage. 
  • Type of data used in spotting trade opportunities. 
  • Deposit requirements. 
  • Symbols. 
  • Directions. 
  • Drawdowns. 
  • Risks. 
  • Win rate. 
  • Profit Factor. 
  • Lot Size. 
  • Money-management parameters. 

How much does it cost?

Big Expert price

The robot costs a common for a no-name robot price – $349 for a digital copy. There’s a single rental option that costs $150 monthly. We’re not sure if a month will be enough to check it’s performance. We can download a demo copy to check settings and execute backtest on our own.

Reviews from customers

Big Exper Reviews from customers

As we can see from the angry comments, bad trading results can be a reason for not publishing a demo or real account trading results. We know that backtests often don’t match real account trading. 

Big Exper Reviews from customers

The developer communicates with clients providing support. 

Should You Use Big Expert?

Backtest reports providedNo strategy explanations provided
Quick support No money-management advice given 
No trading results provided
No refund policy
The last comments informed that the system isn’t profitable on the live account
It requires much margin to trade on four charts at once


Big Expert didn’t convince us that it’s a good one to go. First, the robot is so young and doesn’t have trading results. It’s the first marker that the developer doesn’t want to make money trading using it. So, as a result, we have no idea how the system works under various market conditions and if it’s still profitable. People’s comments showed that the robot has much different results on the live account compared with backtest reports.