It has become a tradition for us to make an annual review of the best Forex automated trading systems and robots.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with our latest rating compiled on the basis of our reviews in which we analyzed in detail each of the robots.

Our task is to tell you which robots are popular among traders and are able to provide you with a stable income. Having analyzed dozens of them, we have prepared a summary table for you.

RankRobotDepositStartedTotal GainDailyMonthlyDrdownProfitLeveragePFAccountChart


$10000000Jul 30, 2018+569.06%0.26%8.05%0.35%$569057611:1006.30RealRofx Chart


$63338.02Oct 18, 2016+267.09%%0.11%3.42%47.28%$5763.811:5001.62RealOn Control EA Chart


$5000Feb 22, 2016+467.91%0.12%16.66%91.93%$23395.531:5004.39RealForexFlex EA Chart


$2100Jul 09, 2018+444.67%0.31%10.07%24.49%$8901.041:5003.6RealForex Gump EA Chart


$19663.93July 24, 2018+1309.6%%0.7%15.88%$17228.071:1002.21RealForex Gump EA Chart


$5000October 16, 2019+128.34%0.22%%8.77%15.61%$64221:2001.48RealThe Skilled Trader Chart


A$2745.10Sep 17, 2018+103.17%0.32%10.66%8.34%A$2832.251:5002.83RealForex Robotron Chart


$1000Nov 15, 2017+365.69%0.2%6.5%37.23%$3656.881.77RealFXAdept Chart


$18231.03Jul 03, 2018+214.76%0.21%6.5%55.99%$35011.461:5001.99RealTrading Manager Pro Chart


$10000Aug 06, 2016+628.96%0.16%4.96%39.51%$62895.892.22RealFXStabilizer Chart

Table explanation

Rating. As we’ve told, the rating is based on many factors where the most important of them are: stable working during over a year period, predictable profitability during the whole period, risk management, amount of the entrusted funds for the robot to run.
Trading Account. Unlike many other reports around the Web, we profess a philosophy of real action and real results. That’s why we’ve preselected only accounts that trading for real money. We can’t advise you a robot which’s trading on a demo account as a good program to go, even if the owner of the robot doesn’t trust it at $1000. It’s not such big money as for the person who hired programmers and mathematicians to write a robot, right?
Deposit. As bigger it as more trustful it is for us.
Profit. Of course, we trade for profit not for just goofing around. The profit and the profit factor are the most important indicators we’ve checked.
Chart. Everyone who wants to buy a robot would like to see a smooth and predictable chart that hoes to the sky. All presented charts just prove this statement.

How to pick the robot on your own? What should you look at?

Based on the previous chapter you may want to know how to pick a robot on your own, Alright, we’re here to help.

Check the robot drawdowns to see what risk the robot is ready to trade

Profit factor
Usually, good robots have it above 1.2 and up to 2.5. As higher it is as better it’ll be for you.

Currency pairs
Some of the robots introduced as the robots for running with many currency pairs, but when you check statistic you can notice several of them is the best to trade.

Daily/Monthly gain
A robot is good if it has over 7-8% of the monthly gain.

The good robot can’t be cheap. So, we’d like you to start looking at robots with a price of $350 not less. The price means that the robot owner doesn’t afraid of setting the high price because he or she knows the robot is “good-to-be-sold” for this money.

Usually, you’re allowed to run the robot on the demo account as much as you want. Good sellers provide the money-back guarantee if you don’t like its performance.

Reading it, you shouldn’t feel that you’re pushed to buy the robot ASAP. Well-known robot devs don’t need to force you to make a decision, because they just slowly but surely explain how the robot work and what features it has got.

Read the comments, about the robot across the web and on the platforms where robots sell, no get a full picture of the product you want to buy.

How trading robots (EAs) can help me?

Do everyday duties under your control

All the traders make almost the same activities during a day. They’re trading and analyzing. If you know how to shape the robot you can easily entrust it analyzing indicators to find the best point to get in & out of deals.

Money management system

Usually, the robot provides it customized by default. You have to manage the amount of risk, stop loss and take profit parameters to make your trading experience better.

Beginners friendly

It’s not so hard to get started with any of the modern trading robots.

Improving strategy

If you’re an experienced trader who just needs an assistant that’ll be trading for him or her during 24/5, buying a trading robot will be a good option. The robot can perform the mechanical work letting you be focused on shaping the strategy. Some of the robots suggest you other strategy and you, looking at its performance can easily dig down and get some knowledge about how it works almost for free.

Backtest results or real data

The market is live. You can’t be 100% sure that some of the patterns worked well on backtest will give the same results online. So, if you see only backtest results on the devs’ site it means they try to confuse in order to want you to make an incorrect decision. Just avoid those sellers.

Any robot can become a scam

The Forex market is not only a place when you can grow quickly but also the field of various scams. A lot of them try to sell you a “robot” that solves all your problems. The scam statements almost every time looks like:

  1. Download-free robot. It has no sense to share a well-designed trading strategy for free.
  2. They guarantee a stable profit.
  3. They try to prove trading results via backtests or demo accounts.
  4. There are no real comments from people who use the robot on the web.
  5. A seller doesn’t want to trade the robot from well-known sellers platforms.
  6. You need to do nothing.
  7. A seller tells you about the robot can work with every brokerage company.
  8. The price is low than $500. The well-shaped robots cost much. Usually, a price starts from $500 to $25000.

If we sum up all experience we can build a table with the pros and cons of fully-automated trading via robot on Forex.

Stable profit provided by good robotsA robot, as well as, a seller may be a scam
You’re free to do your own dutiesGood robots cost much, from $500 to $25000
Mid robot price and low deposit requirements to get startedSome of them require high deposits for low-risk trading
Knowledge-free start your trading on ForexUnderstanding when your robot is going to become a scam requires some knowledge to predict
Flexibility in trading various currency and Bitcoin 
60(30) days no-questions-asked money-back guarantee 
Auto-update system 
Allowing to get started running a demo-account as long as you need to make a decision 
The money management system that includes stop-loss and takes profit features 
24/5 support 

Applied criteria during the choice the best-rated Forex robot

Real account. Demo account robots are not allowed to be presented in the chart. We don’t want to waste your trust suggesting the robot we can rely on.
Deposit. It should be big enough to ensure that everything is serious and the owner is the trader too like all of us.
Account life. We’ve picked the account that works for a long time to make sure they’re not scammers.
Features of the money-management system. Hard stop-loss, stop loss and take profit features are the must for successful and profitable trading. These features allow you to save your account from zeroing.
Trading with different risks. The robot has to know how to trade with different risk levels to please trader.
Trade accuracy. Trading should be smooth and almost predictable. It ensures that the robot really has got some good patterns to go.
Fxblue and Myfxbook account transparency. You have to know about what currency pairs are better to start from, what level of DDs and risks are real if you’d like to run this robot.
Financial instruments and strategies. As many strategies, the robot has got, as better it for us, because we can switch between them whatever we want or apply them on several separated accounts, etc. More patterns/strategies you have the more flex you are as a trader.
User-friendly interface. It has to be cozy for you to run the robot, as well as, work with statistic data to be successful and calm.
Customization. A lot of traders buy robots with the same patterns that they apply just in order to self-education and improving their own skills.