Parking payments in Belgium can now be made in the form of cryptocurrencies as offered by digital startup Seety, local media reported.

  • Users of Seety can purchase parking tickets using seven cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dai, and USD Coin. The payment option is initially available in Antwerp and Brussels.
  • Seety expects its top line to hit 400,000 euros this year, with over 350,000 active members across Belgium and in France, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands. 
  • Several online firms have also expanded their payment options to include digital tokens. This includes the e-commerce portal and multinational payment services firm Worldline.

Worldline Switzerland Chief Executive March Schluep believes that the acceptance at the points of sale in the country will boost global transactions moving forward. BTC is up 2.23%, ETH down 0.88%, BCH up 8.32%, LTC up 2.07%, DOGE up 1.38%, DAI up 0.03%, USDC up 0.06%.