AVIA offers multiple packages to traders, which differ based on the risk and output of the account. Investors have to give access to their accounts, after which the account managers will start trading. Should you invest your capital in this account management service?

AVIA: characteristics

The company requires traders to open an account with a suitable broker and hand over the login credentials to them. The managers will then connect their accounts through a trader copier which will execute all the trades. 


The account management service has the following features:

  • Offers multiple types of account management which differ on output
  • It uses a mixed strategy that implements algo and manual trading
  • A 30 day risk-free trial is available for traders who would like to try them out
  • Traders can use a broker of their choice, providing that it allows hedging and has a leverage of 1:500

Currency pairs, strategy, and time frame

The company states that they use an algo and manual strategy for trading. The risk can increase or decrease depending on the type of plan the trader chooses. To understand further about the game plan, we use the history on FXBlue. From there, we observe that the account managers are using a martingale and grid strategy. As soon as a position enters a losing place, additional trades will be opened in the initial direction. This type of game plan can be risky when the market trends significantly in one side.

Trading history at FXBlue.

AVIA trading performance

Live trading results are available on FXBlue, which shows performance from May 21, 2021, till the current date. Since then, the robot has had an average monthly gain of 28.7%, with a drawdown of 23.3%. The drawdown percentage states that there was nearly a quarter amount of loss in the balance while trading. There were 2363 trades in total, with an average holding time of 44.6 hours. The expert advisor trades with a winning rate of 73.5% with a profit factor of 5.03. The average win was $13.90, while the average loss was -$20.78.  There were multiple currency pairs utilized for trading. 

Trading results at FXBlue.

How much does it cost?

The company charges a performance fee that decreases as soon as the amount of initial deposit capital increases. From this, it is clear that the account managers want to attract individuals with higher capital, which means more profits. For a minimum amount of $3000, the company will take 36% of all the earnings in the month.

The pricing model of AVIA.

Reviews from customers

There are no customer reviews from traders at Forex Peace Army and TrustPilot. This shows that investors might be afraid to invest their capital in a system that uses aggressive strategies such as martingale and grid. It is also possible that the company has recently presented itself online, which is evident from the short track records, which raises concerns about consistency.

Should you use AVIA?

AVIA is not a suitable investment option for traders as the track records are for a short duration. Furthermore, the company is using grid and martingale strategies which can be quite risky when the market moves significantly in one direction. There can be huge drawdowns on the account this way.

Multiple packages are availableThe developers do not disclose the strategy
Charges high-performance fees
No transparency on the developers

Total scam!

We are constantly monitoring the trading performance of all forex trading services we previously reviewed. It allows us to compare the efficacy of the system and its progress. In the case of Avia, we failed with our attempt. Without any explanation, the devs decided to rebrand their service, change the link to their website, and add another trading account. In other words, they offer the same services but under another name. It looks suspicious. We do not trust the devs and thus warn you not to trade with Alphi.


AVIA uses risky strategies and does not disclose them openly on their home page. The use of such a game plan makes it a bad option to invest in the company. The high-performance fee can eat most of the profit, and it will take a long time to break even your investment.