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What Is Avalanche and What Is AVAX Coin?

Avalanche is a blockchain project focused on enhancing transaction speeds and lowering costs on the digital ledger. Launched in 2020, the project seeks to deliver a highly scalable blockchain that guarantees enhanced security while not sacrificing decentralization.

Avalanche runs on the proof-of-stake mechanism that supports smart contracts allowing them to run decentralized applications on the network. Since the smart contracts are written in Solidity language used on Ethereum, it also seeks to enhance blockchain interoperability by enabling decentralized finance ecosystems.

Its blockchain can provide near-instant transaction finality and can process up to 4,500 transactions per second. AVAX is the native token that powers the Avalanche blockchain. It acts as a medium of exchange through which all transaction fees on the network are settled. Additionally, the tokens are used in staking, allowing holders to participate in the validation process and help secure the network.

The total number of AVAX tokens that will ever be in circulation is capped at 720 million. Currently, close to 268.29 million AVAX tokens are in circulation from a total supply pool of about 395.89 million.

chart showing AVAX price action

The total value of AVAX tokens locked in decentralized finance applications stands at about $3 billion. AVAX, just like other cryptocurrencies, has come under pressure shedding more than 48% in market value from its peak level. While its market cap has shrunk to $30 billion, AVAX is ranked as the 10th largest cryptocurrency.

Should I Buy Avalanche Coin Today: AVAX Market Sentiment

Avalanche coin has pulled back after a failed bounce back above the $100 a coin level. The stalled bounce back comes on the broader cryptocurrency market coming under pressure amid a strengthened US dollar and investors shifting their attention to high yield investments amid rising bond yields.

The coin is down by about 48% from its peak highs of $147 and down by about 26% from highs of $104 a coin registered at the start of April. The pullback appears to be a minor correction as traders continue to take profit after the recent rally from 2022 lows of $53 a coin.

AVAX seems like an attractive play after the recent pullback. The coin-finding support above the $70 a coin level would make it an exciting buy as a pullback play. Cryptocurrencies’ volatile nature means the coin has what it takes to rally after the pullback.

Once risk-on mood improves in the cryptocurrency market, AVAX is one of the coins well-positioned to bounce back and rally above the $100 a coin level. The coin continues to elicit strong interest thanks to the blockchain edge in the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

What Is Avalanche AVAX Price Prediction for a Year?

While Avalanche coin has been under pressure for the better part of the year, it has started showing signs of bottoming out. After starting the year at about $113 a coin, the coin did tank to lows of $53 a coin.

The AVAX price prediction chart by Digitalcoinprice.com

Fast forward, it has bounced back, rallying to highs of $103 a coin before pulling back to about $76 a coin at the time of writing. The price fluctuation affirms the wild swings in the market. Given the volatile crypto nature, its prospects of bouncing back to above the $100 a coin level is still high.

Immediate estimates by digitalcoinprice.com indicate that the coin has what it takes to rise to $103 a coin in 2022. Analysts at Walletinvestor.com, on the other hand, are highly optimistic about AVAX rallying to highs of $156 a coin before year-end.

What Is Avalanche AVAX Price Prediction for 2025?

Avalanche’s long-term prospects remain bullish going but the forecast data analysis. Immediate estimates indicate the coin could rise to $135 by 2025, representing a 70% plus gain from current levels.

The AVAX price prediction chart by Digitalcoinprice.com

Given that the coin did gain more than 160% in 2021, a 70% plus gain by 2025 is reasonable and conservative, considering that cryptocurrencies scan be extremely volatile.

Estimates on Walletinvestor.com, on the other hand, indicate the AVAX could be worth more than $200 a coin by 2025.

What Is Avalanche AVAX Price Prediction for 2030?

Avalanche coin is a long-term play for anyone looking to invest in the coin. Forecasts on Digitalcoinprice.com indicate the coin could appreciate to about $370 a coin by 2030.

The AVAX price prediction chart by Digitalcoinprice.com

It is also expected to average about $353 a coin in 2030, representing a 360% gain from current levels. Analysts on Walletinvestor.com, on the other hand, expect the AVAX coin to be worth more than $400 by 2030.

Avalanche AVAX FAQ

Will Avalanche coins appreciate in a year?

Yes. Avalanche has what it takes to appreciate in a year as it has started bottoming out after a 40% plus pull back from all-time highs.

How much will the Avalanche coin be worth in 5 years?

Given the crypto’s volatile nature and solid underlying fundamentals, the Avalanche coin could be worth more than $400 a coin in five years.

Where do I buy AVAX Tokens?

AVAX token can be bought on several cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase.