Autopip EA Gold is an automated expert advisor that uses an aggressive trading approach for better performance. As per the developer, this MT4 tool uses indicators and an algorithm along with a news filter for its trading. Changes in the market trend are tackled using the new exit approach added to the EA. The developer assures good performance in the backtesting and real trading with this ATS.

Autopip EA Gold: characteristics

Features of Autopip EA Gold.

Neill Thomas Campbell Forbes is the developer of this FX EA. He does not reveal much info on the features, functionality, and recommendations for the expert advisor. As per the info provided on the MQL5 site, this is a fully automated system that has integrated features for manual control. A simple interface helps users to switch between the two methods if required. The news indicator is also added to the EA settings. A table with info on the various settings used for this EA is present as shown below. 

Settings for Autopip EA Gold.

From the above table, we can see the EA has money management, lot size, magic number, drawdown protection, and various other settings. For further info on the product, you need to message the developer via the Telegram channel link provided or via the messaging option on the MQL5 site.  

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

With the default settings of the EA, it can work on the XAUUSD, XAUAUD, and the EURUSD pairs. It uses the M15 timeframe and the developer recommends an ECN account for the best results. Other than the mention of using an aggressive approach using indicators and a drawdown minimizing algorithm, there is no explanation for the trading approach. The absence of an explanation raises a red flag for this EA.

Autopip EA Gold trading performance

The developer provides a backtesting report for this EA on the MQL5 site. Here is a screenshot of the strategy tester report.

Backtesting results for Autopip EA Gold.

From the above report, we can see that the backtest was done for five years starting from 2016 up to 2021 on the XAUUSD pair. A total net profit of 13619.77 was generated for an initial deposit of $1000. Profitability of 67.86% was present for a total of 9526 trades with a maximum drawdown of 13.40%. The profit factor was 1.49. From the high number of trades and low profitability, we find that the performance is not good.

A real trading account result for the EA is present on the MQL5 site.  Here is a screenshot of the result. 

Live trading results for Autopip EA Gold.

From the trading stat, we can see the account is losing money. A -16% growth is recorded with a loss of $157.33 for an initial deposit of $1000. The account has completed 50 trading days with profitability of 68.9% and a maximum drawdown of 54.1%. A total of 444 trades have been executed with a profit factor of 0.93. Comparing the backtesting results with the real trading results, we find the EA shows poor performance and a risky approach. The reasonable profits in the backtests are not seen in the real trading result. 

How much does it cost?

Pricing of Autopip EA Gold.

This EA costs $100 and the developer also offers a rental package that costs $40 per month. A free demo offer is present but there is no info on the features available with the package. No money-back assurance is provided which makes us suspect this is an unreliable EA. 

Reviews from customers

We could not find user feedback for this FX EA on reputed third-party sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. The lack of reviews indicates this is not a popular expert advisor.

Should you use Autopip EA Gold?

We don’t think so. Our evaluation of the characteristics and track record of this ATS reveals that it is not a trustworthy system. Here are the main pros and cons we found.

Fully automated EANo explanation provided for the strategy
Price is affordableReal trading results show poor performance


Autopip EA Gold assures the best results with its special trading approach. Our analysis of the features, functionality, backtest, and real trading results reveal it is not a reliable system. The lack of strategy explanation is one of the important downsides of this expert advisor. Besides mentioning the approach is aggressive, the developer fails to provide a proper explanation. From the backtesting results and the real trading stats, we can see the approach is risky resulting in poor performance. The losses in the real trading account further confirm the high-risk strategy and bad performance of the FX EA. In short, we do not recommend this FX robot.