AutoArb is a just-released Arbitrage trading strategy software. The main statement is that it “Snatches Risk-Free Daily Profits from All Types of Assets Traded on MT4.” Let’s try to answer if it’s true because it is such a big challenge to find something in any LeapFX presentation.

AutoArb presentation

AutoArb: Characteristics

We have grouped up various features in the list below:

  • AutoArb runs charts automatically.
  • There’s a feature that allows us to open or close deals manually.
  • There’s a stealth mode that covers arbitrage deals from the broker’s eye.
  • There will be huge problems with withdrawing money if a broker finds out these deals as arbitrage trading.
  • The presentation hides this information.
  • We have to work with it only on ECN accounts.
  • The main profits are made because the system knows where the market goes in the next several minutes.
  • The system uses data from the fastest broker to execute orders with increased Lot Sizes on the slowest broker.
AutoArb Characteristics
  • It trades Forex, CFDs, Crypto, Stocks, Binary Options, Indexes, and other financial instruments. 
  • The system allows us to use it on many real accounts at once.
AutoArb - profits
  • We are free to trade with increased Lot Sizes. It involves high risks because the market can go wild, or data can be lost. So, it’s possible that there are several losses occurring in a row.
AutoArb - little risk
  • If the data between accounts is delayed, it will trigger closing open orders with losses.
  • There’s an auto-clicking feature.
  • There’s a simple and welcome User Interface.
AutoArb presentation
  • The system places orders using the terminal connection, executing orders exactly on the server-side.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • The system is based on an Arbitrage strategy.
  • It can be run with any currency pair available in the terminal.
  • We can work with it on any chart.

AutoArb Trading Performance

AutoArb Trading Performance

There are several videos of how the robot performs on real accounts. As we can see, it executes orders on AUD/JPY and EUR/JPY. The system closed deals with profits. The most important con is that these results we have seen only on the video. It’d be great to check them on a myfxbook-verified account. It’s not something new. LeapFX is a well-known arbitrage software producer. There are many traded and withdrawn real accounts of it on the company profile in myfxbook.

How much does it cost?

AutoArb price

LeapFX has a standard of offer. There are two packages: an annual subscription that was named Lifetime Membership Payment Plan by mistake and a Lifetime Membership. The annual subscription costs $297. The Lifetime Membership pack costs $497. Both of them include AutoArb trading software, and bonus autoclose software, free auto-updates and upgrades, welcome support, best recommendations, and a 30 days money-back guarantee.

AutoArb. We can’t avoid registration on LeapFX.

We can’t avoid registration on LeapFX. It will turn for us by receiving endless spams.

Reviews from customers

AutoArb Reviews from customers

LeapFX has a profile on Forex Peace Army. We can find fourteen reviews with a 3.272 rate. The last update was on March 04, 2021. Alas, there’s no page for just AutoArb.

AutoArb Reviews from customers

The developers didn’t react to negative testimonials. The last clients can’t even get support from the LeapFX’s representatives.

Should You Use AutoArb?

The presentation explains well strategy detailsNo team revealed
The software is published on LeapFXNo settings explanations provided
The pricing is okay as for the arbitrage strategyNo money-management advice given
The 30-day money-back guarantee providedNo backtest reports provided
No 3rd-party verified trading showed
We don’t know if his account is withdrawn
No people feedback provided


AutoArb is a trading solution that makes money using an arbitrage strategy. Simply, it’s trading against a broker. That’s why they hate it and don’t allow withdrawn accounts. The presentation doesn’t mention that arbitrage trading is an outlaw way to make money on Forex. The pricing is acceptable, but there are many negative testimonials on Forex Peace Army about LeapFX products.