Athena is a trading advisor that was designed by the EliteCurrenSea company. The developers insisted that we can expect from 8% to 25% of the monthly profits. They added a risk disclaimer in case of losses. So, let’s check how the system performs on the real market.

Athena EA: characteristics

The presentation provides us with information about how the system functions. We have found all possible explanations and added them into the following list.

  • The system can cover us by executing our orders completely automatically on the terminal.
  • An average monthly profit can be as high as 25%.
  • The only terminal to work with is MT4.
  • We can manage risks that are acceptable for us to work with the real market.
  • There are no hidden fees applied.
  • The devs provided us with verified trading results.
  • We have full capital control during the whole period of using the system.
  • This allows us to deposit and withdraw our account at any moment.
  • The drawdowns are high as well. They can be up to 30%.
  • It’s rare for the system to lose a month.
  • The system works with a Grid strategy.
  • We can get a free VPS to improve orders execution.
  • The devs provide us with all needed support quickly.
  • The core strategy is price action or price swing.
  • There are two developers behind this service.
  • Nenad Kerkez is an award winning co-founder of Elite CurrenSea. He is a regular contributor to Forex Factory, FXStreet, FXEmpire,, as well public speaking events.
  • Chris Svorcik is an award winning trader, analyst and a mastermind behind the Elite CurrenSea (ECS) since 2014.

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • The system only trades on EURUSD.
  • The core strategies are swing and price action.
  • We may work with different time frames.

Athena EA trading performance

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports that would provide us with the intel about how the system was tested on real tick data. It’s a con because we don’t know what to expect from the robot on our real account.

Athena EA trading results on Myfxbook.

The robot runs a real EUR account on IC Markets. This broker is pretty-known among Forex-related traders. It works automatically with 1:500 leverage on the MT4 platform. The account has a verified track record and verified trading privileges. So, the data should be trustful. The account was created on January 07, 2021, deposited at 21,669 EUR, and withdrawn at 33,656 EUR. Its total gain is 179.98%. We have 13 people who track the account trading results.

Athena EA statistics

The robot has closed 21,332 deals with -11,415 pips. So, the system isn’t profitable without Martingale at all. An average win is 6.44 pips when an average loss is almost three times higher, -18.11 pips. An average trade length is 5 hours and 19 minutes. The profit factor is 1.65.

Athena EA directions and pairs.

The only profitable pair that brings the most profits is EURUSD–$18,078.17.

Athena EA risks.

There’s medium risk because the system has a 15.47% chance to lose 10% of the balance.

Athena EA closed orders.

The system requires over 5000 EUR according to the balance to trade with a 0.01 lot. We can note that the robot increases lot sizes to close a grid of orders for profit.

Athena EA monthly profitability.

The system is profitable this year so far.

How much does it cost?

We can rent the system for 799 EUR annually. The lifetime license costs 999 EUR. There’s a sponsored rental option for 499 EUR. The last option is a Managed Account. We have to share from 25% to 35% of profits. This package doesn’t include VPS. The profit share rate is over $400–35%, $800–0%, $5,000–25%, $15,000–20%. There’s no refund policy applied.

Reviews from customers

Athena EA’s page on Forex Peace Army.

We have a profile of Athen EA created on the Forex Peace Army platform. There are 86 reviews written that formed a 4.499 rate.

Customer testimonial on Forex Peace Army.
User testimonial on Forex Peace Army.
User review on Forex Peace Army.

We have various testimonials where people couldn’t reach profitability mentioned in the presentation. 

Should you use Athena EA?

Trading results providedNo risk advice given
Developers revealedNo settings explanations provided
The system is based on a Grid of orders with Martingale
High pricing
No refund policy provided
Some negative testimonials written


Athena EA is a trading advisor that was designed around a price action strategy. The system executes Grid of orders with Martingale strategies. According to trading results, the advisor can’t be profitable without Martingale. This sets any account at high risks.