Apple’s successor to its M1 processor entered mass production this month and could start shipping in July, according to Nikkei Asia.

  • Tentatively known as the M2, the processor could be used for the MacBooks scheduled to be sold in the second half.
  • Like its predecessor, the M2 integrates central processing units, graphic processing units, and artificial intelligence accelerators.
  • The chipset is produced by the world’s largest contract chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.
  • The M2 will eventually be used in other Apple offerings. 
  • Production is estimated at three months, using the 5-nanometer plus semiconductor production technology or N5P.
  • Apple’s M1 chip was introduced in 2020, as the company shifts from Intel chipsets. The M1 boosts CPU performance 85% faster than an iMac that uses the Intel chipset.
  • An analyst said the move is in line with Apple’s shift to replace Intel’s chips with its own to gain leverage over its rivals.

AAPL: Nasdaq is down 0.21%.