A hacker gang is seeking to extort Apple Inc. after stealing its files from Quanta, the company that makes the tech giant’s products, according to NBC news. The extort was meant to be an exchange for the hackers not to leak the files.

The hackers’ extortion letter remained online on Thursday night even as Apple declined to comment on whether it planned to pay. 

Quanta, the Taiwanese company that was hacked makes a range of computer products including Mac Pro.

The hackers are among other prolific cybercrime syndicates that have hacked targets across the world and demanded ransom.

The extortion target on Apple is a rare case involving an American brand as the hackers focus on smaller entities.

The significance of the Quanta files leaked by the hackers is not yet clear. 

Apple and Quanta stocks are currently gaining AAPL: NASDAQ is up 1.82%, 2382: TPE is up 0.41%