Apple will soon require developers to disclose privacy practices to customers through its new app labels, according to Reuters. The labels will be introduced over time as developers submit their apps for Apple’s approval. 

  • The app privacy labels seek to quickly convey information about several categories of data collection and somewhat resemble the nutrition labels on food products.
  • Apple will require disclosures when apps gather data in what it deems “tracking” of users across unrelated apps or websites.  
  • Developers will disclose data collection, but users will have to click through two sets of links to see the explanation. 
  • Apple will check the accuracy of the developer’s information through the app review process, during random audits, and in response to complaints.
  • The labels are part of Apple’s changes to introduce more notifications and permission requirements for the data collection on its devices.
  • Last week, Apple started requiring developers to provide information for the labels as part of the review process for releasing or updating apps.
  • Apple will delay implementing the privacy label rule until early 2021, giving developers more time to make changes to their apps.

Apple’s stock is currently gaining. AAPL: NASDAQ is up 0.43% on premarket.