Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook unveiled that he has personal cryptocurrency holdings but it is unlikely for the firm to invest in the digital token, CoinDesk reported.

  • Responding to a query if he has holdings in Bitcoin or Ether, Cook said he does, as he believes it is a reasonable investment as part of a diversified portfolio.
  • Cook noted, however, that Apple is unlikely to invest in crypto as a firm, as he does not believe investors buy Apple stock to gain exposure in crypto, adding that there are no immediate plans to do so.
  • Apple has no crypto offerings at the moment, but earlier this year posted a job opening for a position looking for an individual keen on cryptocurrencies to lead possible partnerships moving forward.

MicroStrategy Chief Executive Michael Saylor said an Apple investment in crypto would be worth at least a trillion dollars to shareholders. AAPL is down 0.31% premarket, BTC down 1.31%, and ETH down 0.96%.