Spotify, Match Group, and Epic Games United, have joined a nonprofit group calling for legal and regulatory action against the iPhone maker’s practices, according to CNBC. Apple charges a 15-30% commission for apps that use its in-app payment system and sets strict compliance rules for developers on apps to appear on its app store. Developers have previously raised legal claims and criticisms. The complaints are the result of  “a lack of hope that things will ever change” – Sarah Maxwell, the Group Representative. 

  • Critic companies, smaller firms, and nonprofit group demand app fairness through an antitrust legal complaint.
  • Epic has filed a suit in a U.S. federal court in California.
  • Spotify has filed an antitrust complaint in the European Union. 
  • No developer should pay unreasonable, unfair, discriminatory, fees or revenue shares. 

Apple trading favorably despite the antitrust lawsuit claims. AAPL: NASDAQ is up 1.41%, SPOT: Nyse is down 1.79%