Whale Alert crypto tracker detects two huge XRP transactions involving 38.9 million XRP tokens, according to a report by WhaleAlert on Wednesday.

  • One of these XRP lumpsum transactions was done by the San Francisco-based blockchain behemoth and the largest global crypto exchange by trading volume.
  • Binance transferred 18,972,524 XRP to an unnamed wallet. That transaction is worth $13,717,909.
  • Meanwhile, detailed figures provided by the Bithomp XRP-focused analytics site signal that this crypto huge transactions shifted between internal wallets of Binance.
  • The second disclosure by Whale Alert indicates that an anonymous address sent 20,000,000 XRP valued at $14,297,008 to a crypto trading platform, Coins.ph based in the Philippines. It is one of the crypto exchanges that act as a Ripple ODL partner.

Coinbase exchange transferred a total of 88.6million XRP, one week ago. The transaction created a hope that the platform could be planning to reinstate XRP trading after banning it in December 2021. XRP USD up +2.31%