Commercial crude oil inventories in the United States declined following the decline in refinery inputs and oil imports during the week, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported.

  • Total commercial crude oil inventories for the week ending October 15 fell by 0.4 million barrels from the previous week to 426.5 million barrels. This is about 6% lower than the five-year average.
  • Motor gasoline inventories fell by 5.4 million barrels, distillate fuel inventories fell by 3.9 million barrels, and total commercial petroleum inventories fell by 9.8 million. Propane/propylene increased by 1.9 million barrels.
  • Oil refinery inputs averaged 15.0 million barrels per day, reflecting a decline of 71,000 barrels per day from the previous week as refineries operated at 84.7% of capacity.
  • Crude oil imports averaged 5.8 million barrels per day, 169,000 barrels per day lower than the previous week with an average of 606,000 barrels per day of motor gasoline imports and 202,000 barrels per day of distillate fuel imports.

Total products supplied in the last four weeks averaged 20.9 million barrels a day, up 14.0% from the last year.