Today, we’d like to talk about Agimat FX Scalper. First of all, the presentation is not available from every country, so, you may want to use Tor or something like that to reach it.

Agimat FX Ultra is an indicator that provides info about the Entry points, SL and TP levels. “The Advance Artificial Neural Network with a data center in Hing Kong provides high accuracy,” devs said.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot trading instruments

The system provides signals for many financial instruments like currency pairs, stocks, futures, CFD. Commodities, Metals, and Cryptos.

What do  we know about Agimat Trading System

Agimat FX is non-repaint MT4 and MT5 Market Maker Method Indicator that can be used for scalping and swing trade.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot

The next block we quote without changing. Are we only ones who think there’s so must hate and salty speeches?

So, this ends with that it’s not an EA but an application that allows you to copy trades. We’ve got aa line like this: “While learning how to use Agimat FX Ultra you can receive daily scalp trades done by Dennis Buchholz,” the dev said. So, what’s the reason to buy his robot and his trades if there’s no “Artificial System” behind. The dev can use many scalpers to make a profit not only a single one he wants to seel to us.

Next, we see a block of intel about AI trading and big data. It’s boring as usual, not because of these speeches, but we can be sure all these technologies were applied in the product. 

Agimat FX Ultra Robot Okay-okay, dude. We’re here because we don’t want to learn, okay? It’s not a webinar. We here because we look for a robot that will do trades for us. Only for this, we’d like to pay. Nor for learning, but for results that your EA can bring. When we came to buy an Apple Macbook the last we want is to know how it was designed and produced. 

Agimat FX Ultra Robot

The next statements look like another bad joke. First of all, we’re not friends or buddies. We’re maybe potential clients. Second, if we want to know where market makers push the market we will buy an arbitrage robot and buy data from data providers. So, not a big deal.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot chart

The dev said the robot is used by about 6000 traders, but the video of the presentation was uploaded in April 2020 and has got no likes nor comments. It’s been viewed 38 times.

Agimat FX Ultra Trading Performance

Agimat FX Ultra 3rd-party verified trading results

The dev said it was a list of withdraws. As you can see, there’s an account on HotForex, but we couldn’t find trading results of it.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot Myfxbook

This a semi-automated (!) real EUR account on IC Markets. The robot trades with 1:400 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The monthly gain looks average and equals 7.44%. The robot trades with the insane drawdown (52.09%) that can easily blow your account. The deposits equal to 15397EUR. The account was withdrawn on 10930EUR. The robot trades extremely rarely. It can easily not trade during 2-3 weeks.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot advanced statistics

The robot trades 84 deals for 11 months with 570 pips. The longs win rate was 86%, shorts 93%. The average trade length was one day. The profit factor was 11.04.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot statistics

The robot trades many symbols.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot statistics

The trades were opened mostly during an Asia trading session, so, we can’t know for sure about how it’ll trade during American and European trading sessions.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot statistics

The robot tries not to trade Friday at all.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot statistics

For now, the risks on the account have been set to a minimum.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot monthly gain

Agimat FX Ultra Robot monthly gain

Agimat FX shows various results, it’s probably because the dev changes risks.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot currencies popularity

If in March 2020, the robot trades many symbols, the next two months, EA focused only on several currency pairs without metals, stocks, and other tails the dev told.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot currencies popularity

People feedback

Agimat FX Ultra Robot feedback Many screenshots of positive feedback provided on the site.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot feedback There are some comments like this. ⅚ trades in a row were lost and support sucked.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot feedback

And that is exactly what we said about that insane max drawdown.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot feedback

This comment like many others is about late signal delivery.

Agimat FX Ultra Robot feedback As a result, the final score is so-so: kinda good but not for everyone.


The price of the robot is 174EUR. Paying it, we’ll receive:

  • Two MT4 or MT5 account installations on demo/real.
  • Free updates.
  • Email support within 24 hours.
  • Free Forex Signals.
  • Video tutorial on how to trade and install.



  • 3rd-party verified trading results
  • High “profit factor”


  • A lot of manipulation in the presentation
  • Semi-automated trading solution
  • No backtests provided
  • The second real account wasn’t shown
  • Extremely high max drawdown
  • Low trading frequency
  • Trades just 4 days in a week
  • A lot of mixed feedback
  • Mediocre rate on Forex Peace Army
  • No money-back-guarantee provided

We don’t like this robot as well as the presentation. The robot, in the end, started trading several currency pairs instead of many financial instruments as the dev told. We haven’t seen any proves that the robot can handle “stocks, futures, CFD. Commodities, and Cryptos.” They were just empty words without a real background behind. Usually, when a dev doesn’t want to tell about a strategy he or she tells that there’s an AI background of the trading system. Also, American, Germany, and many other IP addresses are not allowed to reach the presentation. There’s a shortlist of IPs like The Netherlands ones that can get the site. It looks unprofessional. The dev doesn’t provide any kind of refund policy as well.