Adaptive EA is designed to work with any trading instrument including cryptocurrencies, oil, metals, and currency pairs. It can adapt its settings to the instrument you use, which explains the name of the FX robot. As per the developer Svetlana Visnepolschi, the system uses a neural network for identifying the accurate entries and exits. The author is based in the United States and has one year of experience in developing FX tools. She has created 2 products and one signal. For contact, the direct messaging option on the MQL5 site is the only method available. 

Adaptive EA: characteristics

As per the developer, before using the MT4/5 tool in real trading, you need to run the robot in the tester. During the first pass with the tester, the neural network is trained to execute random transactions. In the second pass, the results are more consistent showing the robot is ready to be used in real trading. There are no further details related to the features and functionality of the robot which raises a red flag for the EA.

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

The developer does not provide info on the currency pairs, timeframe, and other recommendations for using the FX robot. The strategy used is not disclosed and there is no explanation of the risk level involved and other relevant details that traders would like to know before purchasing the EA. A list of parameters is present that include settings like the lot size, grid risk, take profit, trailing stop, stop loss, magic number, slippage, and more. 

Adaptive EA trading performance

There are no backtesting results present for the FX EA. A video is present on the MQL5 site that shows how the backtesting is done using the neural network to train the robot before using it in real-time trading. However, other than the info that the robot helps in improving profits and keeping them consistent, there is no further info.  

Real trading stats of Adaptive EA.

A live signal is present for this FX robot on the MQL5 site. In the screenshot above, we can see that real-time trading was done using the RoboForex-ECN broker with the leverage of 1:100. For a deposit of $1000, the expert advisor has generated a profit of $213.38. 

The robot shows a growth of 21.35%. The account was started in October 2021 and 58 trading days have been completed with the duration of the account being 16 weeks. A drawdown of 12.8% is present and the profitability is 52.8%. A total of 123 trades have been executed with a profit factor of 1.30. The monthly growth is shown as a loss of 6.13%.  

From the results, we can see that the profits are low and the growth curve indicates that after seeing steady upward growth, the account has been erratic for the past few weeks. It is clear that the approach and performance are not as consistent as the developer claims. 

How much does it cost?

Pricing of Adaptive EA.

You can buy this FX EA for $185. A free demo is present. The developer does not offer info on the features you get with the package. There is no mention of a refund offer which we find suspicious. The absence of a money-back guarantee shows that the system is unreliable. When compared to the price of other similar products in the market, we find the price of this FX EA is not expensive. 

Reviews from customers

Unfortunately, we could not find user reviews for this FX EA on reputed third-party sites like FPA, Trustpilot, etc. There are a few reviews on the MQL5 site. But since the site promotes the product, the chances of the feedback being manipulated are high. So, they are not taken into account.

Should you use Adaptive EA?

After evaluating the features, functionality, performance, and other aspects of this FX robot, here is our impression of the system:

It is a fully automated softwareThe strategy is not divulged
Live trading results show a low drawdownLive trading results indicate inconsistent growth
No refund policy


Adaptive EA claims to provide an effective trading tool that can work on any trading instrument. Our assessment of the various features of the system reveals the advantages and disadvantages of using the EA. On the positive side, the developer provides a live signal that reveals a low drawdown. The pricing is not very expensive. But the developer does not provide much info about the expert advisor including its strategy, features, working method, and other characteristics. There are no backtesting results and the live trading results show poor performance.