Accenture Plc. reported double-digit growth in its third-quarter revenues as higher sales were recorded in several geographic markets, the company announced in a statement.

  • Revenues climbed 21% QoQ to $13.3 billion, with double-digit growth recorded in North America, Europe, and growth markets. Higher sales were recorded in communications, financial services, health and public service, products, and resources.
  • Earnings per share climbed 26% to $2.40, while operating margin for the quarter jumped 40 basis pasis to 16.0%. New bookings rose 39% to $15.4 billion.
  • Accenture’s recorded $835 million in share repurchases and $559 million in dividends paid. Quarterly cash dividend in June was increased by 10% or $0.88 per share.
  • Year-to-date revenues grew 11% to $37.1 billion, as new bookings grew 25% to $44.3 billion. Operating margin climbed 50 basis points to 15.3%, while earnings per share gained 15% at $6.60.

Year-to-date share repurchases hit $2.8 billion, and dividends at $1.7 billion or $2.64 per share.

ACN is up 2.61%.